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if you ever come back to read again, i want you to see this as well

you dont even really like kaisoo tbh 



this blog makes me feel nothing but shame



so after lots of bugging, bitching, singing everything my mom said, begging pleading and annoying i have gotten my wish. my mom is getting me (and has already ordered) my ukulele. and ive forgetten how to spell ukulele...
anyways, its awesome. ive read bad and good reveiws about it so lets hope its awesome. it has to be awesome, you know why, cuz its a spongebob uku,


Thats it! thats what it looks like. dosent it look tres awesome? anyways, that probably the most exciting thing to happen in a long time. and since imma start one: playing my guitar more two: teaching myself uku three: playing more video games. (i have three or more games i have to beat.) four: working my ass off to make some money five: studying for exams. (hardcore studying for my science one.. i think if i fail this exam my possibly mean failing science.. but im getting a 70 so lets hope not.)
that all equals less time for computer and less time for updating the old lj which i now dont have any use to update and dont really have to update anymore rly. whats the point? 

So long for a long time LJ. i may not post in you for a long time, we'll see.
i need somewhere to do that, ^ , because my friend isnt on and i cant spazz at her.
so, heres the story. so theres this really sexy guy, he always has headphones on. and i always see him cuz his locker is right by the caf and i sometime walk behind him on the way home from school. anyways, someone made a facebook page about him called sexy headphone guy and i kneew as i was clicking the link it would be him and it was.

yes. i know im stupid. and yes i know its not that exciting.
and yes im down spazzing and yes im moving on.

and also today i had a test in auto. i added up my right answers and part right answers and my total shoulda been a 23/30. but the guy marking my test gave me a 28/30. haha idiot, i know i shoulda gotten a 20-24, but he marked it way off. the lowest class mark was a one (haha, thats what you get asshole.) and only about 7 ppls passed.. out of like 23. ;l

thats my day in a nutshell. now we can move on.
its 8:50 in the morning right now.
iknow, i should be in school but for PE we're in the weight room and i hate the weight room, its boring. So my mom let me stay home for 1st period.

But yesterday we got our science tests back. I was so nervous but then i looked at my mark, found out i didnt fail, (by like 9%) and went on with my day. But then my dumbass teacher did something wrong and changed the total from 69 (haha. xD) to 66, so i ended up getting a 62% in the end.
Im starting to worry about my science exam though, i only actully did good for the first unit then slacked off. Im just worrying about failing cuz i have my science ISU that still hasnt been handed out for us to do yet.. maybe we're not getting one.. that be awesome. And the exam, which ill do bad on. But the good thing is, i only have two exams this term. But next term i should have... four. Depends tho, does anyone know if you have an exam in keyboards? So, i dont need to worry about english all that much, im pretty sure, okay positive ill be getting either an A or B in that.. ive always been good in English for some reason. But terrible in science.
No gym exam.
No Auto exam, (but we are having a big test on the last day of term before exams, ;l)

That is it! i wanna go see if my mom left and go play video games for an half an hour before i have to leave for school.

=Ç    --------- wow, that C thing is awesome, its a french C... i dont remember where you reeally use it cept, Françis.
i dont even remember how to spell french in french, im pretty sure thats wrong.. i may fail french next term. ;l

Jan. 3rd, 2010

So, theres this show called Durham County. I also thought it was well, one: an american tv show, and two: that i live in durham and thats pretty cool.
Well, it turns out that the show is: Canadian and about a guy who moves this family to some where in durham, (durham is made up of like ... 7 cities. Atleast 5-7) after his wife gets cancer and his partern gets shot. And then his neighbour is a serial killer.
I think i remember reading somewhere that they filmed some in my city, i remember reading that, or i dreamed it. Maybe i should watch and see if i reconigze where they are. But they pretty cool huh? Filmed in Durham, i live in durham.

But anyways, im bored out of my fucking mind. i sat here for like 2 minutes doing nothing. Its 12:36, and no one i like is on to talk to, i was playing habbo, (cuz my lovely sister made me and now i rly wanna play. ;l) all i have to do is go on Facebook and read that groups people have joined, these two girls i hate, that one chick and birthmark face, join like 50 groups a day. like wtf. stop cloggin up my new fed, i dont give a fuck that you like purple.

i rly need something to do. maybe ill go back on habbo. and do nothing. greeaaaat.
ill find something to do.. i shall. maybe read some fanfic? i can safely say i have not read fanfic since the summer, i swear. i remember that one fic where spencer died, so sad. makes me sick. silly fic. i dont wanna read any now.

i guess ill go on habbo, to the hotel!

New Years (part deux)

Its 43 minutes into the new year, we began the new year by watching criminal minds, so i can safely my year has started off to a great start. Ive hung my new calender, which looks great with my room. I can tell this year is gunna be good cuz hello kitty is going old school this year, by looking at the calender stuff anyways, oldschoolwtf!
But im tired as hell, i went to bed at 2:30 (cuz i wanted to play videoo games, instead of going to bed.) and then my parents woke me up at 9:30 when they were fighting about turkey.
So imma make this blog shorter than the other one, cuz that one was really long.

1. Stop biting nails, (which probs wont happen sadly, i can never stop.)
2. Stop caring to much, yadadaddaadaaa (which will be easy, hopefully.)
3. Start playing my guitar more until im awesome, (so give me 5 years and ask about this one then.)
4. Get more into things i like and have an interest in (ie, music)
5. Go on the computer less cuz there is no point anymore, i have no reason for it now. well, some reasons. (this one will be hard.)
6. Stop procrastinating (like part on my isu is due monday and i have yet to start.)

List of awesome things this year(last year):
1. Blink concert!
2. Improving guitar skills... not really but getting there, barre chords are getting easier, but my C chord still sucks, like wtf. ;l
3. Starting high school, (not that awesome, but wayy better than public school.)

Thats all i can think of.. cuz i think that is pretty much it. Sad,huh? This is my life, one of the most awesome things this year was school which wasnt even that awesome cuz i fucking hate school. hatehatehate. But most kids do too.
I can honestly think of nothing else to write, no more awesome things..

Last song i listened to in 2009: Fire Away - The Swellers
First song i listened to in 2010: Fire Away - The Swellers

Fuck you 2009, you sucked anyways, cant say imma miss you all that much. You had some great memories, and some really terrible terrible ones. Ive lost touch with many friends, dont talk to many as much i used too, made a couple of new ones, didnt get closer to any of my old ones, if anything grew apart from them.
Cant complain, its a new year, fresh start, lets make this year better and different .... wayyyyyyyyy different.

Maybe its not my weekend, but its gunna be my year!
(i said that in part one, didnt i? and this is still a long blog, not like i want it to be. ;l)

New Years Eve! (part one)

its offically new years eve! (it 12:04)
so ive decided ill blog about some nye stuff now, (cuz im bored) and the  rest later.
Since, im in a crappy mood now, ill blog about the low points of '09 and then since ill.. probably still be in a bad mood lateer (for reasons id rather not mention cuz .. id rather not talk about it.) ill blog about super awesome stuff of 09 later.

So, some bad stuff of 09, ill start with some obvious ones:

School: for someone who has never really liked school, (maybe just up till grade 3) school hasnt been too bad. Grade 8 was pretty sweet cuz me and my best friend were in the same class. We talked through everything, were parterns for everything and always sat beside each other. but then there was crazy lesbin lover, (i forget what we called her, something along those lines.) and now she dosent even talk to me, ha. oh, and then our friend moved back from china, and was in our class, yayy! turns out no one rly likes her, her voice is "annoying" which i can see.
And now, grade nine. Thank fucking god 1st semester is almost over. Worst semester ever. I hate like everyone in all my class and have no friends except in like two class. In gym and science i have friends, i dont talk to anyone in my auto class, well, i do but only when were in the shop cuz other i dont rly have a chance, and in english i sit close to a bunch of guys, a pothead and a girl i hatehatehate who always talks to me cuz shes friends with my other friends.. but we all hate her, she has yet to notice ;l

Music: Not all music has suck.. only certain events. Like panic spilting in two and the fob hiatus. MJ dying, even though i wasnt a fan, the man still was a legend, you cant deny that, and some of his songs were amazinggg. Some other happened that i cant remember.

I guess the good stuff beats the bad by a long shot, cuz i have a bunch of really awesome things in my head.

Happy New Years Eve. Thank God 09 is almost over cuz, "maybe its my weekend, but its gunna be my year." and imma make damn sure that 2010 is way better than 2009.

P.s: This is also my one year new years anniversary.. wow, new years was good last year, but i know its gunna be different this year.. for way obivous reasons that are only really obvious to me and others are blind and cant see.

Sorry rambling. Ill leave and listen to my Mraz.


Interet, oh interet, where for art thou internet?
Bottom line ----> my internet has been down for 3 weeks.
There's alot i have to caught up on, like perez hilton, (cuz my internet didn't work i had to find out that Brittany Murphy died on the news, RIP) twitter updates, (mostly mark hoppus') new things on amazon, guitar tabs and that episode of the office i missed cuz i was watching the simspons.. oh and my d is still broken.

Alot of stuff has happened in the past 3 weeksi couldnt blog about cuz i didnt have interet to blog about it. I actully HAD stuff to talk about.
we got a seating plan in science, which sucks ass cuz im at the front. i think my teacher hates me cuz i talked, dont listen to him, listen to my ipod and failed (almost) the last test we had.
we also got a seating plan in auto, where i seat at the back, which is good, and i also sit around alot of guys who are annoying, and of course the guy i hate the most in all of my classes sits infront of me, of course.

oh, and christmas was good, i got everything i wanted pretttty much. like the ace of cakes book, the blink 182 guitar tab book,  a bunch of hello kitty stuff and some office stuff. the only thing i didnt get was the office season 5 and im not paying 50 bucks for it. atm im not atleast.OH AND I GOT A DSI! =] but the colour is uglyish,not that badd, but it dosent have a Game body slot which pissed me off. >=[
but it came with 5 preloaded games so i have dr. mario on it. =]

also, boxing day was greaaat! i went out with 240 dollars to spend and i came home with 10 dollars. =] i probably shouldnt have spent it all but we went to walmart.. and i spent 100 bucks there. i also now have all the FOB cds, including the greatest hits one. i still need to put them on my itunes.

thats all for now, imma go look up stuff for my game, get ready for my guitar lesson and try yo get internet on my dsi. the internet will have to wait, im sorta busy.

yayyy! my internet is back!
So im sitting in my room, and watching intervention.
The two times ive watched this show, ive loved it. I dont no why i find these shows so intersting, but im loving this show!
Anyways, i havent updated in so long, i guess cuz i have nothing to talk about.. oh, i can talk about school.

Gym: only 4 more weeks left! fuck yes! so happy, i like gym (sorta), like my teacher, she's awesome, but i still hate gym. i hate alot of people in my gym class, and the other day one girl was running with her ass crack showing, and of course, im the one who has to tell her to pull up her god damn pants! but i felt bad, xD

English: I have an essay that we were supposed to hand in on Nov 23, i still have it. She never asked for it and i dont wanna be that person thats like why the fuck do i still have this and make everyone hand theirs in. idek if she would take it.. she probably would. Were also reading lord of the flies, its not that bad, ive read way worse books, but i actully listened today so i wasnt tottaly lost.

Science: Funfunfun! even though my teachers thinks i dont get anything (which i dont) dont listen to him at all (which i dont) and talk too much (which i do) i love science! but hate it, i hate science, but i listened and got it all today. science is the only class i really talk to anyone in.. and i guess that shows cuz its my lowest mark, 75% isnt bad.. im not failing.

Auto: So fucking boring, like shot me in the fucking head... pleeassseee! i draw for that whole entire class, work 10, draw 70. today, my teacher talked for the whole period. not about cars, on why he wasnt here on friday and what he could have done if he wasnt a teacher. I drew stars, some kid fell asleep. his hair looked awesome cuz he has pool and it was wet and messy, i liked it. ;P

Now imma watch intervention and go on amazon. School Blues, blllaacccckkk.
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