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New Years Eve! (part one)

its offically new years eve! (it 12:04)
so ive decided ill blog about some nye stuff now, (cuz im bored) and the  rest later.
Since, im in a crappy mood now, ill blog about the low points of '09 and then since ill.. probably still be in a bad mood lateer (for reasons id rather not mention cuz .. id rather not talk about it.) ill blog about super awesome stuff of 09 later.

So, some bad stuff of 09, ill start with some obvious ones:

School: for someone who has never really liked school, (maybe just up till grade 3) school hasnt been too bad. Grade 8 was pretty sweet cuz me and my best friend were in the same class. We talked through everything, were parterns for everything and always sat beside each other. but then there was crazy lesbin lover, (i forget what we called her, something along those lines.) and now she dosent even talk to me, ha. oh, and then our friend moved back from china, and was in our class, yayy! turns out no one rly likes her, her voice is "annoying" which i can see.
And now, grade nine. Thank fucking god 1st semester is almost over. Worst semester ever. I hate like everyone in all my class and have no friends except in like two class. In gym and science i have friends, i dont talk to anyone in my auto class, well, i do but only when were in the shop cuz other i dont rly have a chance, and in english i sit close to a bunch of guys, a pothead and a girl i hatehatehate who always talks to me cuz shes friends with my other friends.. but we all hate her, she has yet to notice ;l

Music: Not all music has suck.. only certain events. Like panic spilting in two and the fob hiatus. MJ dying, even though i wasnt a fan, the man still was a legend, you cant deny that, and some of his songs were amazinggg. Some other happened that i cant remember.

I guess the good stuff beats the bad by a long shot, cuz i have a bunch of really awesome things in my head.

Happy New Years Eve. Thank God 09 is almost over cuz, "maybe its my weekend, but its gunna be my year." and imma make damn sure that 2010 is way better than 2009.

P.s: This is also my one year new years anniversary.. wow, new years was good last year, but i know its gunna be different this year.. for way obivous reasons that are only really obvious to me and others are blind and cant see.

Sorry rambling. Ill leave and listen to my Mraz.
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