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Jan. 3rd, 2010

So, theres this show called Durham County. I also thought it was well, one: an american tv show, and two: that i live in durham and thats pretty cool.
Well, it turns out that the show is: Canadian and about a guy who moves this family to some where in durham, (durham is made up of like ... 7 cities. Atleast 5-7) after his wife gets cancer and his partern gets shot. And then his neighbour is a serial killer.
I think i remember reading somewhere that they filmed some in my city, i remember reading that, or i dreamed it. Maybe i should watch and see if i reconigze where they are. But they pretty cool huh? Filmed in Durham, i live in durham.

But anyways, im bored out of my fucking mind. i sat here for like 2 minutes doing nothing. Its 12:36, and no one i like is on to talk to, i was playing habbo, (cuz my lovely sister made me and now i rly wanna play. ;l) all i have to do is go on Facebook and read that groups people have joined, these two girls i hate, that one chick and birthmark face, join like 50 groups a day. like wtf. stop cloggin up my new fed, i dont give a fuck that you like purple.

i rly need something to do. maybe ill go back on habbo. and do nothing. greeaaaat.
ill find something to do.. i shall. maybe read some fanfic? i can safely say i have not read fanfic since the summer, i swear. i remember that one fic where spencer died, so sad. makes me sick. silly fic. i dont wanna read any now.

i guess ill go on habbo, to the hotel!

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