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its 8:50 in the morning right now.
iknow, i should be in school but for PE we're in the weight room and i hate the weight room, its boring. So my mom let me stay home for 1st period.

But yesterday we got our science tests back. I was so nervous but then i looked at my mark, found out i didnt fail, (by like 9%) and went on with my day. But then my dumbass teacher did something wrong and changed the total from 69 (haha. xD) to 66, so i ended up getting a 62% in the end.
Im starting to worry about my science exam though, i only actully did good for the first unit then slacked off. Im just worrying about failing cuz i have my science ISU that still hasnt been handed out for us to do yet.. maybe we're not getting one.. that be awesome. And the exam, which ill do bad on. But the good thing is, i only have two exams this term. But next term i should have... four. Depends tho, does anyone know if you have an exam in keyboards? So, i dont need to worry about english all that much, im pretty sure, okay positive ill be getting either an A or B in that.. ive always been good in English for some reason. But terrible in science.
No gym exam.
No Auto exam, (but we are having a big test on the last day of term before exams, ;l)

That is it! i wanna go see if my mom left and go play video games for an half an hour before i have to leave for school.

=Ç    --------- wow, that C thing is awesome, its a french C... i dont remember where you reeally use it cept, Françis.
i dont even remember how to spell french in french, im pretty sure thats wrong.. i may fail french next term. ;l
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