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i need somewhere to do that, ^ , because my friend isnt on and i cant spazz at her.
so, heres the story. so theres this really sexy guy, he always has headphones on. and i always see him cuz his locker is right by the caf and i sometime walk behind him on the way home from school. anyways, someone made a facebook page about him called sexy headphone guy and i kneew as i was clicking the link it would be him and it was.

yes. i know im stupid. and yes i know its not that exciting.
and yes im down spazzing and yes im moving on.

and also today i had a test in auto. i added up my right answers and part right answers and my total shoulda been a 23/30. but the guy marking my test gave me a 28/30. haha idiot, i know i shoulda gotten a 20-24, but he marked it way off. the lowest class mark was a one (haha, thats what you get asshole.) and only about 7 ppls passed.. out of like 23. ;l

thats my day in a nutshell. now we can move on.
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